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Welcome to COPA 3.0 LIVE

Welcome to COPA 3.0 LIVE

Welcome to COPA 3.0 website. Welcome to a more mobile-friendly and media-savvy website that works well with tablets and smartphones. 

We ported all of the historical content as of Sunday 8 Dec 2013 — 777,000 posts, forums, blogs, photos, videos, and member login and profile information.

To get started, see the Help menu for COPA 3.0 Training videos, which also appear on YouTube. Especially consider the introductory video, COPA 3.0 Introduction

To find things, we recommend Search, now much improved. Use the What’s New link to find new content that you have not read yet. Use the BrowseCOPARegionsSafetyTechWx menus to locate familiar content. Use the buttons on the right to Find Members or get a list of forum Topics, or when you are viewing a forum to add a new post to a topic. Upload a higher resolution avatar by going to your profile. Check out the badges and how they are earned, then update your profile completely.

When you see a COPA username, hover over it to reveal the name and badges for that member.

Performance varies. Further performance optimizations will continue all week long. We need to understand if our multiple servers and software accelerators have the best configuration settings. Our developers are monitoring things, so expect changes.

You may encounter broken links and bookmarks. Use the Shortcuts to explore ways to find the same information on this site and update your bookmarks. If you find a problem or issue, please report it on the Website forum.

For historical access, the COPA 2.1 website link to legacy.cirruspilots.org

COPA 3.0 Development Team

  • John Ylinen... I have a msg from you in my inbox, but can not read it ..when I click on "inbox" ...the site "freeezes" and I can not read your msg... come to me on email if you can ...that is the only way I can communicate ...this COPA site is unusable for me ...I also have a red "1'"  in the unread posts tab, but can not get anything past the opening page.... if things dont get better, I will be a loss to COPA and upset for the 3.0 effort ... I hope you understand.... I hope this gets to you ... this is the only place that that works.... regards, ben