The COPA 3.0 upgrade to our web site is open for the COPA community. 

This is a live site. All of the content from the COPA 2.1 site appears here — your login information, your profile and badges, your access to special forums. Forum content up to Sunday morning, December 8, also appears.

See the Help menu for COPA 3.0 Training videos, which also appear on YouTube. Especially consider the introductory video, COPA 3.0 Introduction

To find things, we recommend Search, now much improved. Use the What’s New link to find new content that you have not read yet. Use the BrowseCOPARegionsSafetyTechWx menus to locate familiar content. Use the buttons on the right to Find Members or get a list of forum Topics, or if you are viewing a forum to add a new post to a topic. Upload a higher resolution avatar by going to your profile. Check out the badges and how they are earned, then update your profile completely.

When you see a COPA username, hover over to reveal the name and badges for that member.

Performance varies. We need to understand if our multiple servers and software accelerators have the best configuration settings. Consequently, we need more users online to create a heavier load. Developers are monitoring things, so expect changes.

Chrome seems to have problems due to a recent change by Google. If you get spinning icons, then try another browser if you can. Otherwise, restart Chrome.

Please report difficulties or problems you see in the Website forum.

COPA 3.0 Development Team