Tonight, Sunday between 0400Z and 0500Z 20131216 (8:00 and 9:00 pm California time), we will switch websites. COPA 3.0, this website, will answer to and the COPA 2.1 website will answer to

The time of the switch depends on making several network address table changes that will propagate throughout the Internet. The developer team has already assembled and begun an orderly task list. They will then execute the changes and then monitor intently the new website for our first day.

Performance improved this afternoon. Difficulties with Chrome seem to have abated. Several users posted their compliments about the new site, and their desire to begin using it, even noting their awareness of the performance issues.

Further performance optimizations will continue all week long, but they are best handled under load and operating with the official network address. We have more hardware, more optimizations, and better monitoring tools than five years ago, so expect the bumps in the road to get smoothed out over time.

COPA 3.0 Development Team