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Welcome to COPA 3 !

We have finished building the site, and are just putting on the finishing touches. We are welcoming the first few users in to give it a try. Please report anything you see in the Website forum. We are still tweaking the top row and footer navigation, and the look of some of the pages. But all the content is here, so please look around and post!

And if you like a little hand-holding, please visit our new Help page, or check out the Youtube training videos, particularly the Intro.

We do expect the speed of the site to be very variable at first. Several factors are at work: 

  1. The Telligent engine is built for many users to be on; when there are only a few, each page has to be built from scratch over and over, instead of being built once then shown to many users ("cached"). 
  2. There is still some development work going on; when the developers push in a change, they reinitialize the system which means all the data structures have to be rebuilt, and that only happens when someone requests something, so the delays can be lengthy. And for a while, as there are 3 separate servers, and each has to go through the rebuilding
  3. Finally, we don't know exactly how to tune the site for our use until that heavy use arrives, so we will be tweaking things once the load does arrive to speed it up.