Starting Sunday, we are planning to place the entire COPA website "Under Construction" for a week, to make a major upgrade. We call this COPA 3.0 and it will bring many changes and improvements. But there is going to be a lot of dust and noise for a while!

The big impact next week is the site will appear to work normally, but NOTHING NEW IS BEING SAVED to move to the new site. So, any posts, profile changes, or edits you may make next week will not persist after the cutover, but will simply disappear. There will be a notice on the top of the website when this is in effect so you will be aware.

The other big impact is we will be turning off subscription renewals for the week. So if you have a renewal due soon, please try to get it done by this weekend. From Monday December 9, the renewal page will be disabled.  Donna in the COPA office will still be able to manually process renewals, but we all will be very busy with the changeover so it would be easiest to get it done now, or wait until after the new site is up.

There is a lot more information on the new website in this website thread:
COPA 2.5/3 Rollout Coming Soon

And, there is a Youtube channel up with training videos for the new website, available here:
COPA 3.0 Training Videos

In many ways, doing a website upgrade of this magnitude on a running system is like doing a brain transplant on a running athlete. We have been working over the last year and half to get this right, but like all COPA activities this has been a volunteer-driven activity, and we have to ask in advance for your patience should any glitches occur along the way. Thanks for your forebearance!

Once we cut over to the new website, if you have problems signing in please report it by email to [email protected]

The COPA 3.0 Development Committee