Following on Andy’s last report, we are now rapidly approaching the upgrade of the COPA website to a new generation software platform. We had been calling this project COPA 2.5, but in the year-and-half it has been going, it has covered a lot of ground, and one consistent feedback we have had from our testers is this is NOT a ‘dot’ release, but a major upgrade with big impact for you, the users. So, lets call it what it is, COPA 3.0. And it is almost here.

A Big Change

We have worked hard to preserve and improve users workflows through this upgrade, but the appearance of the site will be a big adjustment. There is larger print and more whitespace everywhere, and at times more scrolling is needed, which some testers found off-putting. This change was necessary to modernize the site to accommodate both computer and touch screen (Tablet, smartphone) users alike. But like the shock we experienced when we moved from COPA 1.0 to 2.0, we hope this discomfort will be short-lived.

A Peek at the New Site

To get a flavor of the the site, here is a snapshot of the 'Forums' page:


And here is a typical forum thread list:

So it is going to be a big change.

The Cutover Process

The way we are going to get the new site up will also have a big impact. We have to take a 'snapshot' of all the data on our website, move it to the new servers, and then spend days reconfiguring it. We are allowing a week for this process, though we hope we can do better. So the effect will be we will announce when we take the snapshot, and from that point forward this site will enter an 'Interregnum', where it will appear to work normally, but none of the posts will actually be stored and moved to the new site. So for that week, anything we post only lives for a week, and then disappears after the cutover. We went through the same process 6 years ago during the cutover from 1.0 to 2.0.

What's Next

We are preparing a number of 2-4 minute training videos on how to use the new site.  

We have set up a Youtube channel to host the videos, the first several are up now here:

COPA 3.0 Training Videos

but it is probably early to watch too many of them, if you are interested you may just want to watch 

new COPA Intro Login, Forums, Read All, What's New


And there will be more communications coming in the following days about what to expect.