COPA Safety Programs

Fly-in, drive-in, walk-in — any way you can, come join other COPA members and their partners at our safety programs. Some programs deliver intense learning experiences for COPA Pilots, some focus on flying partner, some are more social.

The CPPP is reputed as the best pilot proficiency program for any type club in the world. More than 350 COPA members attend each year, with many choosing to make it a key part of their ongoing recurrent training.

COPA Pilot Proficiency Program

The primary objective of CPPP is to enable pilots to operate their aircraft with greater confidence, safety and enjoyment.

Safety comes from many facets of a pilot's knowledge base:

  • plane handling
  • weather knowledge
  • utilizing advanced avionics

A wide range of ground sessions and flight training allow each attendee to tailor the course to their personal training needs.

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miniCPPP One Day Re-Current Training

COPA University offers the miniCPPP program as a one-day ground training program to deliver CPPP (COPA Pilot Proficiency Program) courses to more pilots around the world.

Each program includes four ground courses from the CPPP course catalog.

Two courses will focus on:

  • Pre-flight Aeronautical 
Decision Making
  • Weather
  • ATC Procedures

Two will be chosen from:

  • Avionics
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Pilot Proficiency

The miniCPPP course costs $299, with an early bird registration discount of $50 available up to 30 days prior.

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Partner-in-Command is held during COPA Migrations and in conjunction with COPA Pilot Proficiency Programs worldwide.

COPA Partner-In-Command Seminars (PIC)

Frequent Cirrus right-seaters need to understand and prepare for the unlikely eventuality that the pilot may become incapacitated during a flight.

The material covers much more than simply “pull the CAPS handle.” Among the many topics covered in the seminar are:

  • Does your partner know how to talk on the radio - even if isolated on the audio panel? What to say?
  • How to squawk 7700?
  • How to find and activate the ELT from the right seat?
  • How to help a choking victim?

The seminar is aided by a beautiful set of panel photographs for home reference, and a booklet that also serves as a checklist for use in an emergency.

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